Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Best Friend (Poem Inspired By Ravaughn's Song Best Friend)

Everyone has those people that pop back into their lives just for the sake of taking advantage of them. I used to have these experiences bad. Sometimes people still call themselves speaking to me again just because they think I'll do whatever they're asking. So I wrote this poem for those confused ass people that disappear, but won't stay ghosts. It's called Best Friend.

Best Friend

Not your fucking best friend
To the used-to-be friend
Been sitting on the bench too long
Dealing with missed phone calls
And selective texts back
We used to share everything
The fun times out
The drama that filled our lives
When a nigga cheated on you
And when a nigga played me
We’d chat it up all the time
Talking about goals and dreams
And planning girls only vacations
But it’s been a while
For some of my female friends months
And some other females years
Though I’ve heard you still mention me
Still think of me as a friend
I got news for you
I’m not your fucking best friend
Just like you’ve forgotten to speak with me
I’m forgetting your ass too

Not your fucking best friend
To the man that just don’t understand
Been sitting on the bench too long
Dealing with ignored phone calls
And only shallow texts back
Yeah, I caught on to that
You ignored my questions
What do you need in a girlfriend
You ignored the important stuff
Are you still fucking other women
I need to know
Are you messing with them basic bitches
Because I’d rather be the only one
The woman you keep on a pedestal
But you’re playing me
I can feel it
I’ve been sitting on this bench too long
Waiting for you to finally claim me
But lately I’ve come to realize
I’m not your fucking best friend
Don’t want that girlfriend title no more
It’s over

I’m not your fucking best friend
Not to be used as a last resort
Not even a close friend
Don’t call me when you need help
Maybe an acquaintance
Wasn’t meant to stay in your life
I could be your enemy
If we haven’t spoken in a while
I don’t want you in my life
You’re out of style
I’m not your fucking best friend
Just leave me alone

This poem was also inspired by Ravaughn's song Best Friend. You should definitely listen to it. 

P.S. I love all my friends. You know who you are. 

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