Tuesday, June 25, 2013

HIt The Floor~ Review So Far

Initially I wanted to do a post on every single episode of Hit The Floor. However, scheduling conflicts arraigned. I've still been paying attention to each episode, so here's what I think so far.

Initially Ahsha's (Taylor Page) annoyed me. She was hugely dependent on her mom Sloane (Kimberly Elise) and fell apart at the drop of finding out her mom had hid anything from her. She let it affect her work and threw huge childish fits. After several episodes, Ahsha is still very dependent on Sloane for support, but I've gotten used to their relationship. They are mother and daughter after all.

There is also a lot of demon battling. Sloane has her whole past rushing back in her face. Coach Davenport (Dean Cain) is battling memories of being on the basketball team, injuries, facing it all as a coach, and seeing the love of his life after so many years again. Jelena Howard, the star of the Devils dance team, is dealing with lots of envy. Olivia is dealing with trying to control the dance squad and finding out secrets.

The drama is huge. The spotlight is on the women dancing provocatively, which makes me believe this is a man's show. However, the men are super sexy, which almost makes you think Tyler Perry chose them. My favorite is Derek Roman (McKinley Freeman), who plays the star player. Terrance Wall (Robert Christopher Riley) looks real good too.

I'm not exactly sure what the story line is anymore. Everything seems to have been rushed, but maybe that's because they are pilot episodes. The script seems to have been rushed in some areas. In other areas it seems to get juicier. For instance Ahsha has a boyfriend, but Derek Roman gives no fucks when he flirts with her in front of everything including her boyfriend. Ooh!

Are you watching too?

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