Thursday, June 6, 2013

Internet Affection (Poem)

Sometimes twitter direct messages or even Facebook inboxes can be misconstrued as two people falling madly in love with each other. This even happens when the focus of the conversation is only on sex. So to the confused men that I've never met, I wrote this poem called Internet Affection.

Internet Affection

You have my attention
Keep sending me words of wisdom
Keep talking about commitment
Claim you want me to drop my guard
You want my affection
But I don’t know where to start
You claim you won’t hurt me
Offer passionate sex
And go on dates
You’d follow me to movies
Or even for food
But we haven’t even met yet
Because you came out of nowhere
You hit me up via the Internet
It started via twitter direct messages
A land where fantasies can roam wild
A place where I just want to talk freaky
Whether it’s about sex positions
Or how naughty you want to get
And you think I don’t believe you
So through email you send dick pics
But now you keep saying you love me
And we should meet up one day
But although love can happen
I just don’t want to take chances
Call me old fashioned
But maybe if we meet by coincidence
Happen to be in the same place at the same time
Whether a conference
Or even a concert
Or we could be at a restaurant
As you eat you look over and see me
None of it planned out
We can see where it would go from there
Until then it’s just a game

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