Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sunday Reflections~ High Heels And Stumbling

Before I start, BET Awards is tonight. Are you excited? I am super excited. I'm a little worried about Chris Tucker hosting the show. It could be horrible or surprisingly funny. His commercials haven't been. Although in no way can he be a more horrible host than Queen Latifah. She was so bad most people have blocked that year out of their minds. Anyway, I've never missed a year of the BET Awards and tonight will not be the first time. I'll definitely be live tweeting. Join me.

A week ago I graced the streets of New York for the first time. That Saturday night I actually found myself in the middle of Manhattan walking down very busy streets with the women I had just met. We were all in our club clothes ready to party, but the club was telling us we had to wait another hour before getting in. So we went walking. The walking was where the trouble slightly kicked in.

I had on high heels. They weren't too high. They were really about three or four inches, which is just enough to cause unsteadiness on cracks in the ground.

There were a lot of cracks in the ground. As we walked looking for a destination to chill at while waiting to get in the club, I kept stumbling. Each time one of the girls became nervous that I would fall and hit the ground, but it never happened.

I stumbled the first time over a crack and didn't fall. At the point I became convinced I wouldn't hit the ground. What brought me to this theory is very unknown. The courage was just there for some reason. I just naturally convinced myself that I could definitely catch myself each time I stumbled. During the walk I stumbled about 10 more times, but each time caught myself. In the midst of catching myself I said something out loud.

"I'm not going to fall."

"Don't worry about me. I won't hit the ground."

"I'm better at walking in these heels than it appears. I won't lose my balance."

I walked in high heels, stumbled, but never touched the ground. As I think of all the craziness I've been through maybe I never fell then. Years ago I was determined. Now more than ever I'm continuing down this path I started paving long ago. I haven't fell. I've only stumbled on several occasions and caught myself.

I can do this. I can succeed. I might stumble some more, but I'm not going to fall.

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