Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Failure Mixtape by C. Wind AKA Cykotik

Have you ever sat and tried to sum up everything wrong with America? Me neither. However, there is an artist that has managed to sum up all that is wrong with sex and love in a mixtape. He's C. Wind.

The Failure mixtape starts off with a poetic remix of Maya Angelou's Still I Rise and gets crazier from there. It's an addictive mix of songs that will have you listening from beginning to end. However, some of the lyrics are very shocking. I guess that why C. Wind, also known as Cykotic leaves us with this warning:

"Warning, the views and opinions on this album are not necessarily the views and opinions of anyone. Not even C. Wind himself. Cykotik is a fucking maniac who just likes to say shit that makes his little brother and sister giggle."

Listen below.

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