Friday, September 9, 2016

Crush On You (Poem)

Sometimes I write sappy love stuff. Actually recently I decided to put together a chapbook of sappy love poems. I might officially publish the book and add it to my collection of books next month. I won't put it up for sale. Instead I'll slowly leak poems from it onto this lovely blog. The following is one of the poems.

I'm trying to go in a different direction with my writing. Instead of writing about infidelity (it was fun writing about something opposite my personality), I'm focusing on love.

Crush On You 

I wanna crush on you right now
Dream of being near your sexy body
Imagine being in your arms
We’re cuddling to the sweet sounds of our breathing
I wanna dream of what you and me would be like
The perfect couple
Or the annoying couple that argues too much
The couple that’s together because they’re afraid of being alone
Or two people who fall out of love as quickly as we got into it
I wanna wait for you to take me out
And say yes to whatever place you choose
I’m interested in your plans
Both career and how romantic you can get
I wanna love you right now
Whatever that is
Love is a different experience for everyone
And I wanna find out what’s it’s like for you

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