Monday, April 3, 2017

Ratchet Nursing Rhymes by Lashuntrice (National Poetry Month)

Everyone knows that I can write super serious poems and stories, but sometimes I like to have fun with my talent too. The following poems I wrote were inspired by Trap music. I called them Ratchet Nursing Rhymes.

Pass On Him 
(Inspired by O.T. Genesis and 2 Chainz song Thick) 
I can’t even pass on him 
Once he flash all the damn cash at me 
J C Penny’s 
He let me get anything I want
So I went on a Fashionva shopping spree
All about my money 
So I’m spending all his money 
Bad boy with a good attitude
And his pockets thick too
He say he famous, he say he from Hollywood 

Super Freak
(Inspired by Rick James, I just changed some words) 
He's a very kinky man 
The kind you don't introduce to your daddy 
He will never let your spirits down 
Once you get him in the bedroom, ooh boy

He likes the women on the corner 
He says that I'm his favorite of all time 
When I make my move to his room 
It's always the right time 
He's never hard to please 

Oh, No! 
This man is pretty wild now 

(Inspired by Ja Rule and Ashanti song) 
I got a fetish for getting fucked by you 
Up against the wall
On the backstreet in the back seat of the Yukon
Or in my bed is where we’re both most comfortable
What's taking so long? I'm getting anxious
But patiently waiting for you to tell a me to move on
You’re not the type to stick around long 
But between you and me, you inspire me
Ideas for new love stories
Or I could just gossip to the girls about how you healed my broken heart 
I ain't tryin to G you, boy I'm tryin to see you
For you, I’ll bend over, let you get it from the back
Bring heat to coldest night, so ferocious
Now you got me street promoting how the dick game is potent

That's What It's Made For 
(Inspired by Usher) 
He thought he'd hit it and quit it in just one night
And I was prepared to let him go 
But it got so good he kept coming back 
I must have been outta my mind
I kept answering the phone saying
"Yes, you can come on over."
Knowing I don't wanna
Knowing he's not the one
But every time I felt him pulling away 
I held on that much tighter 
Guess it's too late to turn back now
Can't apologize cuz that ain't my style
He got me blinded by lust
Got me up in his hear saying
"I got what you came for"
"This here got your name on it"

(Inspired by Usher & Wale) 
My sincerest apologies, I mean it
I'll admit it, the thought of love makes me pathetic
I'm 30 still never been a bride at a wedding
Guess the idea of never saying “I Do” doesn’t sit with me well
It’s not your fault love escapes me, still I chase it
Cause I'm selfish and I need you to myself
Tryna see you be free, but don’t wanna see you happy without me
And when I fail over and over again all I can do is cry
And you don’t seem to care
Cause when I enter your city, you leave with pride
I'm sorry, and I'm staring at your comments
Fearin' it's gone always be me sharin' you with all them
Wrong, how dare I say ignore them?
But I’m selfish so I’ll always say fuck them
It's easy, you know to fight temptation
Out here, you know my feelings are strong
Never run away from your heart
Giving you my all, even my writing is all about you 
I'm right
And I'm promisin' you better than those hoes
Although friends sayin' let him go
It’s you I want
I can’t give up now. I can promise you forever 
And if forever ends, there’s another forever that we can still be together

Disclaimer: The pictures are not mines. 

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