Thursday, July 27, 2017

Read Your Mind/BED (Poem)

I know you wanna fuck, but I just wanna love
Tell me what's on your mind
As you sit by my side 
Or if it's not too hot we can cuddle up 
My body against yours 
I can feel you getting hard 
But I wanna get to know you more ways than sexually 
Shaking off thoughts of your body grinding against mine
Tell me what's on your mind 
How was your day? 
Did it involve drama or was it filled with relaxation? 
See I'm trying to figure out what kind of person you are
Will you stalk me if I give you access to my bedroom too soon? 
Or will you get the sex and disappear?
Change your number? 
Leave me feeling like you were a figment of my imagination? 
Is this a long-term thing? 
Can you really see yourself going places with a  girl like me
Because there's an expiration date for men like you 
And yours has already passed 
So can you tell me why are you still  here? 
Is it because you want another chance to be in my bed? 
Obviously I'm going to let you in

If Jacquees can do his own version of Avant's song, I can do mines in poem form.

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