Monday, June 8, 2009


Every year around the time it starts to get hot outside and people start changing. Couples break up because they decide they want to experience other things (or people). Men start looking for women they can just have sex with but not have to give a title (aka wifey, girlfriend, boo). This is also called looking for a friend with benefits..
(Friend With Benefits= someone who you barely know but you go to them and only get close to them on a physical level)

Some women say no, but there are always women who agree to keep the relationship strictly sexual (no feelings involved). I used to be the girl who thought maybe it's just like that sometimes. Maybe you just have to go with the flow but.
When is this cycle supposed to end? I believe there has to be some point where two people decide they want to know each other on a personal (not just physical) level. There has to be a point where a man (or woman) decide they need only one person in their life and they've experienced enough "others." There has to be a point where a person starts respecting him/herself enough to where they decide they cannot male/female that they see..

It takes two to tango so there has to be a point where two people only want to tango with each other...

At what point does a person trade the "Friends with benefits" in for someone they truly care about?
How long does it take for a person to decide that they're ready for love and commitment?
At what point does a person decide that they are tired of just fucking?

Until someone answers these questions....enjoy the 2009 "Friends With Benefits" song

Lil Wayne ft. Drake Every Girl

Copywritten by Lashuntrice

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