Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Only Cute When You're a Child..

As I was reading facebook statuses earlier today I realized something. It is very important to educate our kids. While math, science, and foreign language is imporant children also need to know about the history of their culture or they grow up with the most outrageous thoughts. Keep reading and you'll see what I'm talking about.

As I mentioned earlier I was looking at facebook statuses. One facebook status was written by a black man who (every chance he gets) loves to express his love for white women. Whether he likes women in other races the world does not know. In this status he was naming off names for his future children. At the end he expressed that he was happy he was having mixed (biracial) children.

After going to an HBCU (Historical Black College and University)I've learned that slaves black women had no choice in having sex with their white slave masters. These slave masters did this just because they could. The mixed children born in slavery were considered black and technically had no fathers. Some of these mixed men and women developed a mind set that they were better than darker skinned blacks because the lighter the skin color the easier life was for these people.

Even after slavery this mentality continued. While studying Booker T. Washington I learned the whites rejoiced on his intelligence simply because he was mixed. They thought he was smart simply because his father was white.

Also, in history the whites have not been the only ones separating themselves from blacks. Light skinned blacks and mixed people with black in them have separated themselves from the darker skinned people because they thought they were better (slavery played a role in this mentality).

I recently read a book called "Everybody In The Church Aint Saved." In this book one of the women marries a light skinned man. This girl is dark skinned but their skin tone is not a problem. However, the man's sisters have a problem with her because of her dark skinned. Eventually she puts them in their place by telling them if it was still slavery they could be lynched just like her. Although this is a fiction book, it was written and published in 2008 and fiction books are examples of how people think.

I could go on and on, but I'll end it with this. He may have thought what he said was cool and his immediate friends may have laughed, but he knows better. We get taught about our past for a reason, so we don't make the same mistakes...

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