Friday, July 10, 2009

Pet Peeves (Money)

MONEY MAKES THE WORLD GO ROUND...Many people would probably argue that the statement above is not true, but it is. Money controls our everyday actions.
At the beginning of every month rent is due on an apartment or house. There is a monthly bill for communicating on the phone. It costs money to eat. Since the recession hit (depending on the club) it costs money for women to go to the club and it's more expensive for men.

Money is an essential need to survive and it controls our moods. Having money means excitement, joy, independence, etc.

Having no money means feeling sad, depressed, etc.

Money either gives us a perception of maturity and responsibility or worthless and dependence and this is why it is a pet peeve of mine...

Money leaves me feeling great because I know it's there and I know all my responsibilities will get taken care of. Then again, money leaves me miserable because either I don't have enough of it or I don't have any of it (and depending on others is not always the answer).

I hate money cause it continually sends me on an emotional rollercoaster that will probably never end.

Now for a song...
This is not a hip hop song at all, but it gets my point across.
Blur-Money Makes Me Crazy

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