Friday, October 9, 2009

Death of Me

This poem is a poem I wrote for everyone.

I love people but,

People are gonna be the death of me
Everyone and their different personalities
Will one day drive me crazy
The happy
The talkative
The crybabies
All other kinds
Are gonna work my nerves
Until they explode
And send me into a pit of rage
Unlike no other
And it will happen so suddenly
I won’t be able
To explain my actions
Maybe it’s cause I’m too nice
Or too quiet
I keep too many things bottled in
Or maybe something totally different
I don’t know
But it will be such a scene
Doctors and nurses
Will be called to strap me down
And drug me up
Put me in a deep slumber
So when I wake up four walls
Is all I will see
And then the rest of my days
I will find myself alone
But the personalities
Of all
These damn people
For All these damn years
Will be stuck in my head
And have me so far gone
That people and all their personalities
Will still manage to be
The death of me

(This was already on my facebook profile so I decided to add it here)

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