Sunday, October 4, 2009


When we are little we are given instructions on who it is okay to communicate with and who to stay away from. These instructions are given to us as kids to help protect us from dangerous situations, but as we get older meeting potentially dangerous/crazy people becomes unavoidable. That brings me to my school lesson of the week...
Crazy People Are Everywhere

A few places they are located at are:

*Your job
There's at least one crazy person at your job. If they have not already talked to you they are waiting for the right time to open the lines of communication.

*In your classroom (if you are a student or teacher)
While most people are focused on leaving the class as soon as it ends they are waiting for that chance to communicate with you.

*At your local grocery store
They are either on the same aisle as you or they are that clerk that is checking out your items. They are thinking about you and they are waiting for the moment to say something to you.

*Outside your house
This is why we are told not to talk to strangers when we are little.

The worst part is trying to figure out how to deal with crazy people. I haven't figured out how that part out yet, but music does help me to avoid thinking about this issue.

That is why the song of the week is
I Need by Kandi
(I chose a song by Kandi because she is grieving for the loss of her ex-fiance AJ. She has to deal with his death because some crazy person took a fight too far.)

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