Thursday, November 19, 2009

Smooth (IBW)

Lots of singers are supported when they make love songs, but not enough get support for sex songs. That is why my latest inspirational black woman is...

Smooth (real name Juanita Stokes) was a popular singer in the 90's. She is the daughter of Irene Stokes and younger sister of Chris Stokes. She started performing under the name DJ Smooth. Her first album did not do well on record charts. This did not stop Smooth though.

(Smooth and R&B teen sensation Aaliyah were pioneers in the use of jail bait gimmicking. Jail bait gimmicking is performing explicit material while underage. This technique was used for Smooths second album.)

She then came out with a second album, which was more sexually charged. The song featured on this album was "Mind Blowin." While the song was popular (reaching #7 on billboard charts) the CD did not sell well. After this Smooth signed with a different record label.

In 1998 Smooth came out with a third album. This album did not sell well either, but her most famous song "Strawberries" was the single that came from it. I'm sure a lot of babies were made from that song.

Smooth's career has not looked pretty. She was criticized before she was even an adult. Some said she was growing up too fast because of the raunchiness in her video "Mind Blowin." Others criticized her mom's parenting. I don't care about any of those criticisms.

In fact, Smooth is inspirational because she had to deal with those criticisms. She was told she was too sexual for her age, but continued to make sexual songs. While she continued to make sexual songs, her albums were not selling. She still continued. Plus, she had to deal with the fact that her brother's male group were becoming popular (Ex: Immature).

One more thing makes Smooth inspirational. If no one remembers any of her albums, she can positively know that no one will forget the songs "Mind Blowin" or "Strawberries."

And now both music videos will be put up and the songs can be found on the side of the page.

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