Monday, November 2, 2009


I let it all out
Allowed myself
To become emotionally distraught
But it was not an easy task
The first tear struggled
Feared going down my cheeks
Fought hard
Cause it was afraid of feeling weak
Was taught everyone goes through hard times
But in no one’s hard time
Should it feel any reason to appear
Cause tears show fears
And tears says a person is not ready
Cause tears only appear
When a person breaks under pressure
But because I was already broken
The tear could not fight my emotions
It fell
Slowly at first
Cause like I was feeling lonely
It was too
And although it knew
It could not erase all my hurt
It was determined to try its hardest
But I didn’t want that tear to suffer
So while I chose to cry alone
I decided to give it some company
So a second tear fell
And then a third tear
Then more started coming
So fast I lost count
And before long
I was an emotional wreck
Could not stop the tears from coming
Until they were ready to stop
And by the end I didn’t feel better
But the pain was gone
Replaced with an empty feeling
But I already knew the feeling was coming
Because I’ve cried before
And it’s always the same result
But sometimes the result does not matter
Which is why yesterday I allowed the tears to leave my eyes
Wet my cheeks
Soak my face
Encompass my mind
Take hold of my emotions
Just flow
It’s why
Yesterday I cried

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