Sunday, December 6, 2009

School Lessons- Sittin Up In My Room

Over the past few days I've seen hundreds of facebook statuses about the infamous cuddle season. This season makes me sick because the very moment the temperatures drops and it starts freezing out every girl is supposed to have some nice warm male body to lay beside.


Unfortunately, I never seem to meet that qualification. Every year I find comfort in hot tea and nice comfortable covers that I share with no one and I don't know why it always ends up like this. I'm 23 now and I have never even had a boyfriend. Cuddle season keeps reminding me that (ugghh).


Maybe I do know why I'm single. My standards for a man are high. I turn down men a lot and when I do give men chances all they seem to want is sex from me. Unfortunately for them they do not get that. All of that combined probably makes me come off as stubborn. I'm not giving them what they want so maybe that's why I end up by myself.

School Lesson of The Week:
1. Cuddle season is here and will continue to come at this same time every year.
2. The men are not the reason I am alone during cuddle season. I am.

Now because I've just derived all of this in the privacy of my room the song of the week is:

Brandy Sittin Up In My Room

Now because it is cuddle season, I do have a man on my mind, and Chaka Khan was featured on the Soul Train Awards the second song is

Sweet Thing by Chaka Khan

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