Friday, March 26, 2010

Pet Peeves/Sexy Advice: About The Mistress

I'm irritated with mistresses, but not all mistress. I'm absolutely tired of these mistresses that want to tell all their business. They act like it's cool to be the sideline hoe. They're on television giving interviews about their sex life. WHAT IN THE HELL?

Tiger Woods' wife finds out he cheats and all these hoes want to confess that they slept with him. SHUT UP.

Sandra Bullock finds out Jesse James slept with one ugly hoe and then another ugly hoe wants to confess that she also slept with Jesse James. Umm, am I missing something? Wait, no I'm not. The girl is just dumb.

Remember when Xscape came out with the song "My Little Secret?" If you don't put it back in your memory. The song is about the sideline hoe enjoying her lifestyle and keeping quiet. I blame all this mess on Karrine Steffans (aka Super Head). If she would have never thought it was cool to put all her affairs in a book, no one else would be feeling comfortable enough to confess their business.

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