Sunday, March 28, 2010

Pet Peeves/Sexy Advice: The Males Below

Pet Peeve: Men like the ones in the picture

Yes, those are men. See, they have this show on television called "Transform Me." On the show they walk around dressed like women and they give women fashion advice. They basically take a woman who looks like she works a little too much and doesn't have time to hook her looks up and then they transform her into one of them. Yes, they take the perfectly over-worked woman and turn her into a drag queen.

The fact that they turn a woman into a drag queen doesn't piss me off. What pisses me off is the fact they are men. What pisses me off even more is that they are men who feel they have to dress up as women to boss women around. You don't see the real Victoria (as in Victoria's Secret) dressing like a woman to sell merchandise, so why the hell are they doing it?

:::PSA PSA PSA::::
If you are a man who wants to give fashion advice be yourself. Don't embarrass yourself by doing the above. Don't piss me off by doing the above. Better yet, don't give me fashion advice.

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