Monday, March 19, 2012

Actress Patrice Fisher Looks Like Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson
Patrice Fisher, actress on Zane's Sex Chronicles
One day late in the night I was wide awake flipping through channels in search of a good movie. That good movie led me to a series of Zane's Sex Chronicles.
Patrice Fisher

See I admired read the books back in high school and was amazed. It was then that Zane became the best erotica writer in my mind. Well, she was also the first erotica writer I had the chance of meeting. Since I loved the books so much I found it a great idea to watch the series of shows that were on.

While watching the actresses stood out. They were all pretty, intelligent, and had men problems. Well, getting sex from men was definitely not a problem for any of them, but keeping the men around was. So as I watched there's one actress that stands out more than the others. Her name is Patrice Fisher. 

Patrice Fisher stood out most to be because I thought I was seeing Janet Jackson for a second. They do look alike. Then again my eyes could be playing tricks on me. 

Janet Jackson

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