Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sunday Reflections: Enough Material To Write A Book

In case you didn't know I've been writing for a long time. In college I learned every style of writing possible in hopes of a future career. It was essentially 50 percent about the money. Before college, however, there were other motives for writing.

 Throughout parts of high school I was angry at the world. A best friend became an enemy, other so-called friends harassed me, parents didn't want to hear about my horrible teenage experiences, and there was no one around that I could really trust. The writing, otherwise known as poetry, became my best friend and secret lover. We bonded in happily married ways that no one other than a couple than been together 20 + years can understand. That wasn't the real beginning though.

Throughout elementary and middle school creative fiction and I would play happily married people and under cover lovers. When people were interested in fiction were were the best of friends. However, when no one cared I once again hid my talent from the world. However, that wasn't the beginning either.

Even when you were in diapers poems and stories were popping up in my mind. That's the way it works, right? Every baby has an active imagination. Then the older we get the more the fantastic imagination starts to disappear. The real world takes over. Not everyone loses the chance to stay in fantasy land. Some of us are built to play with your minds. I'm one of those people and recently I realized I have enough material to write a book. The next few titles and links are some of my favorite poems and stories written by myself.

Going So Hard~ Poem written 2011, read here.

Mommy's In Need, short story written in 2011, read here.

He Didn't Lie~ Poem written 2011, read here.

A White Man's Baby~ short story written in 2010, read here.

Teach Me How To Love~ Poem written 2011, read here.

Maybe, Poem written 2011, read here.

A BS Degree, poem written in 2010, read here.

The Poet You'll Never Know, poem written in 2010, read here.

My First Time, short story written in 2010, read here.

The above is literally a teaspoon of my talent. There's a whole lot more. In fact I probably have enough writing to put together a book. Okay, there's enough for a couple books and I'm still writing. The creative writing in the future will not first be revealed to you here. Instead I'm submitting the majority of my future work to publications. I'm trying to be make the titles writer and story teller official. Plus I'm trying to get my name in some books.

If you've lasted through this journey with me until now thank you very much. I appreciate the love and patience. If you've never said a negative word towards my dream I'm even more pleased. There's lots more to come, so please stay with me. I plan to get published in the future. (smiles and ends the post)

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  1. I read your Twitter page. You should go publish some of your work to a publisher and live the dream. You have it. You know what you are doing. You have a way for words in expressing what you have to say. You are readable. Make me proud and go for it.