Thursday, January 6, 2011

Maybe (2011 Poem)

                    2011 Poem
                    By Miss Too Sexy
Maybe it’s my swagga 
Maybe it’s my aura
Always try to stay fresh 
And wear my heart on chest
Maybe I dream too big
Maybe patience is a bitch 
Maybe it’s the haters 
Or maybe I’m the one that’s hatin’
Watching others follow their dreams
And brag about their achievements
Maybe it’s my attitude
Can never keep it the same
Sometimes positive and sometimes negative
Maybe I’m the one to blame
Because seems like all the shit I do is wrong
And unlike P. Diddy maybe it’s my home
But on the other hand home is where the heart is
So maybe I’m heartless
Maybe that’s why I’m always bleeding mistakes
And maybe that’s why I can only concentrate on myself
But maybe if I continue down this path life will get better
Maybe one day life will make sense 
And maybe someone will allow me to make my cents
Maybe love will one day accept me
Maybe I’ll be able to smile
Or maybe this is the way my life is supposed to be
Just maybe
I’m exceptionally crazy

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