Monday, January 3, 2011

Kim Coles Shows Off Her Natural Hair

There are some entertainers that make us question whether they even have hair. Beyonce, Brandy, and Wendy Williams are just some of the stars who have been proud to never portray their real hair during the careers. However, recently actress and comedian Kim Coles decided to give up hair braids to start wearing her hair in it's natural state. 

Kim Coles, most known for her role on the hit television show Living Single, recently told that she's wore her hair in braids since 1991. She said that it took her a while to stop putting weave in her head, because she never knew how to take care of her natural texture. 

"I have considered myself “natural” for 20 years because I have had no relaxer since 1991. I was not ready to be fully natural using only my own hair because I did not know what products to use."

However, now Coles is content with the way she looks. “This is not a political statement, I will try to stay away from debating what is more ‘natural”. I am content with my description for me. Nor will I be pushing others to take the steps that I am taking. I think that you get to chose your kind of beauty. I do however want us all to be honest with ourselves as why we make the choices that we do. All of the choices… not just hair.” I must say I love the new look on her. 

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