Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Finer Things In Life (Standing Out Physically)

$3 Million Phone, most expensive in the world
If  you didn't know already as of this moment, at 24 years old, I'm living with my parents. This move happened in July of 2010 when I had not been able to establish a career right after graduating from college. While it hasn't been a picnic to practically move backwards in life, everyday I dream of when my goals start working out and I have the finer things in  life.

Don't get me wrong. I want the better things in life, but most  of my better things still involve being practical with money. However, yesterday on Twitter the singer and actor Tyrese helped me to dream of the finer things that are reserved for the rich and famous. Here are a few things that I was able to view through his twitter page.

$2500 Herve Ledger dress

The picture of Jennifer Lopez was actually not something Tyrese tweeted, but it caught my attention. The dress is gorgeous. There's only one probably. It's a dress that's only meant for a rich person to buy. The dress costs $2500. I love clothes. Maybe one day I'll be able to pick something like that up and not care about the price tag.

Motorola Special V220
There aren't many people who still go to stores for flip phones, but the phone makers Motorola aren't worried about that. They can't be worried, because they have some phones that most people can definitely not afford. The Motorola Special V220, pictured above, is one example. The phone is listed at $51,800 and has 1200 diamonds embedded in it. 99% of women don't dream of having that many diamonds anywhere on them.

The above is a picture of a 45,000 square foot home. While Tyrese would not name the owner, one of his viewers said it belongs to Eddie Murphy. I don't know about any kind of home like that. I'd rather just have my dream 2 story 5 bedroom house with a library somewhere in it.

The Razor Residence
The Razor Residence, shown above, is an 11,000 square foot house in California. It's a 4 bedroom and 6 bathroom house constructed on concrete and floor to ceiling glass. From one size of the house you can see water and in other areas you have a beautiful view of the mountain. Not only is this house amazing, but it's for sale. For more pictures of this breathtaking site go to http://www.wallacecunningham.com/.

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