Sunday, January 16, 2011

Fabulously Single Or Ready To Settle Down?

The Fabulously Single List
There's this blog that I follow called It's all about a girl who's taking a break from being single for a year. We all know that getting dates is easy for a girl, but refraining from dating is harder. So earlier today I read this blog post by her on being Fabulously Single. I capitalized those words, because the sole purpose of the post was for this girl to talk about a list she created to see why it's good for her to be in a relationship with herself. She even found a video that encouraged her with her list.

I don't know how old this girl is, but I do know that she's concentrating hard on staying by herself. However, one of my friends once told me that her mother believes the first 25 years of your life is meant for you. Then it's time to start concentrating on making a family. After all according to society your family raises you and then you create a family of your own once you're grown. However, the girl over the above blog is really working on a point (that she probably hasn't realized yet). She's saying forget about society and do you by yourself.

So in a reality where you don't get younger should the sole purpose be to focus solely on loving yourself, achieving all that you want on your own time, and essentially pushing the opposite sex away? Or should you set a point in time where it's time to settle down and create a family that society works so hard to educate you on during the years you're growing up?

(P.S. At 24 almost all of the love-thirsty people I've known are in a relationships. However, the goal driven people who don't care what anyone else think are still single. Plus I'm starting to think more and more about that first 25 years to yourself idea.)

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