Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sunday Reflections: Security For All

Yesterday in Arizona several people were shot and some died. Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was one of the victims. She was rushed to the hospital and is now in critical condition. Since the incident a lot has been discussed. People have talked about how nice the congresswoman was. They've tried to figure out why the 22 year old shooter would commit any kind of crime against government officials. People have once again tried to dive into the mind of a killer. Some people have even discussed whether the congresswoman should have had security at the event. After all most people who are constantly in the media have security.

Celebrities have security. P. Diddy has proudly shown off his body guard on more than one occasion. The only time Janet Jackson doesn't have security is when she's filming scenes for a Tyler Perry movie. Trey Songz has security. If he didn't then some girl would probably publicly rape him. President Obama, who's in the media more than any other American, has the secret service. The secret service is there when the president does a conference. The secret service is on the president's team when he plays sports. The secret service probably sits outside of the president's room when he sleeps. Other big time government officials, such as the governors, have security too. However, not every government official has security. That's one reason why an incident such as yesterday's was able to take place.

Even though many people have talked about how friendly Giffords is, her job also forced her to create enemies. So the question is should all government officials have security present at their meetings and events?

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