Thursday, January 27, 2011

In The Case Of Rob Gilbert Arenas and Laura Govan.....

Recently I read a blog post written on about new drama involving Laura Govan and Rob Gilbert Arenas. Apparently there are rumors that she robbed his house and took a bunch of things. The sad part is although Govan  has his four children, he cut her off financially. That means she had no money for her children coming from him. What's crazier is.....

I started reading the comments on the blog post. A lot of people were cruel towards Laura Govan. They called her a gold digger and a woman craving the wrong attention. The comment that surprised me the most is someone thought she had his children just to keep him, but....

When a woman has a child to try to keep a man she gets pregnant once. If the man gets her pregnant four times that means there was a mutual connection. She wasn't being stupid and she wasn't trying to keep him with several of his kids.

Another thing that struck me about the comments was all the blame kept being pointed to Laura Govan. Men do 100 times more dirt than women do. No one wandered what kind of attention the children might be getting from their father. No one bothered to judge him on his actions. Why is all the blame solely being put on her?

The final thing about the post that caught my attention was what Necole Bitchie said at the end. She said that had to be more to their break-up because a man would not just walk out. That's so not true. Men leave for the tiniest reasons. A woman can be perfect and a man will walk away simply because she's perfect

I wrote all that to say it's not always the woman's fault. He got her pregnant four times and then left her with no explanation (at least that's what the public knows). He's not giving her any child support money. There's a lot that he and other men don't do. Stop blaming every relationship/family issue on a woman, because the man should take just as much of the blame.

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