Saturday, January 1, 2011

2010 Music To Take Into 2011

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Months ago I took the music off of the main section of my blog for professional purposes, but I've decided to add it back on. Music rules the world and our emotions. So, for the blog I made a list of songs from 2010 that deserves to continue to be played this year. They are listed below.

Juelz Santana ft. Chris Brown- Back To The Crib
(This song sounds fun and it sounds like I could dance to it in the club for years. Plus, I'd let both Juelz Santana and Chris Brown  take me home.)

Neyo- One In A Million
(It's a classic love song)

Keri Hilson- The Way You Love Me
(Every girl has some freak in her and Keri Hilson helped us to let that out in 2010. Plus, we deserve to continue to let it out in 2011 and the rest of the years to come.)

Raheeda- Bedrock Remix
(It's time to show the world that men aren't the only ones that can get away with having freaky ways.)

Rasheeda- Boss Bitch Music
(This is inspirational.)

Rasheeda- My Duke
(It's a booty shaking song. Who knows when another good one will come along.)

Usher- There Goes My Baby
(It's another classic love songs and one of the few songs of this century that can make you yearn for love.)

Lloyd- Lay It Down
(It has a classic love song feel.)

Usher- Little Freak

Kirko Bangz- What Yo' Name Is
(This song justified everyone's fantasy. Everyone has had a fantasy of waking up next to a stranger.)

Ciara- Ride It
(Babies were and still are being made to this song.)

Leela James- It's a Man's World
(This is the truth.)

Khia- Been a Bad Girl

Trey Songz- Sk Shit
(Everyone needs an anger song in their collection.)

Ludacris- My Chick Bad Remix
(As women we have to constantly be reminded that we are hardworking queens.)

More songs will be added to the playlist, but these are the only ones worthy of making it to 2011.

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