Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Club Mix (Poem)

I have dreams of becoming a rap star (lol), so I tried to write this poem to a beat. Plus I'm in a club mood. It's a little random, so enjoy. 
 Club Mix

He told me I’m bad enough to meet his momma
But I don’t even know what his name is
All I know is I met him at the club
He told me to back that thang up
But first swallow whatever’s in his cup
So I drank and put in work as we danced
And when I tried to leave he followed me
Said he wanted to spend the night with me
Maybe spend his life with me
He said if I gave him some ass
He’d always make sure I had some cash
But he was wrong
I couldn’t be his wifey
Couldn’t even play the girlfriend
Maybe the other woman 
But for one night only
Every second of every minute it was on the tip of my tongue
To ask him what his name was 
But the Petron had me gone and completely forgetful
So I stumbled away just for him to follow my every trace
“You bad enough to meet my momma” he said
And as I was about to ask him what his momma’s name was
My favorite song came on
And I backed up on another dude as I moved to the words
“I wanna smash the dj”
 Finally he left me alone

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