Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Either Beyonce Is Pimping L'oreal....

Or L'oreal is trying to lie to get us to buy their products. Beyonce has been a spokeswoman for the cosmetics line L'oreal for a while now, but recently I've started to notice oddness in the commercials. One odd thing that  I noticed was a recent commercial involving Feria hair color by L'oreal. Watch the commercial below and continue to read.

First of all, when I first watched the commercial I thought she was a white woman. Then after watching it again several times I realized what L'oreal was trying to do. They were trying to make her look like the white woman on the box, which is odd. Any woman could want to get her hair color changed, but not any woman can look like that white woman on the box.

That wasn't the only thing that stood out to me though. Another problem with the commercial is Beyonce is advertising hair coloring, but she wears wigs. When you buy a wig it already comes colored. It doesn't matter who did the coloring of the wig. It doesn't matter how long the coloring will last, because people buy new wigs. So why would L'oreal have Beyonce advertising hair coloring?

Now L'oreal doesn't always do this with Beyonce. Usually she seems natural in every commercial. I can rock with the lipstick commercials and all the other make-up commercials she's done with L'oreal, but not these mind game commercials like the one above.

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