Friday, January 21, 2011

Back Door Boyfriends, A Lesson From Wendy Williams

On yesterday's show of Wendy Williams, Wendy talked about back door boyfriends. Well, actually she started off by talking about some drama that started with Christina Aguilera and her 22 year old boyfriend. Then Wendy went on to say that Christina is taking her boyfriend out in public too much. She said that Christina's boyfriend is a back door boyfriend, also called a man that you kick out the house with the trash in the morning. I found the phrase back door boyfriend interesting, so I looked on the internet to see what else I could find.

After doing some research I found out that Travis Porter has a song called "Back Door." The song is about how every time the woman's boyfriend gives her trouble she calls him up to give her the love (or sex) she needs. That explains why Christina's boyfriend  would be dating her before her marriage is officially over. The song is below.

On a similar note there can be back door girlfriends too. I also passed up this news story that was kind of funny. It was about a doctor who tried to get into her boyfriend's house to surprise him. She couldn't get in through the back door, so she tried the chimney. Unfortunately she died of asphyxiation while waiting for him. The story happened three months ago and can be found here. Who logically tries to get into a house through the chimney?

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