Monday, January 10, 2011

Monday Reflections: Maybe Retired Divas Need To Stay Retired

(Disclaimer: As a blogger I have the right to express my opinion)

Over the weekend a snippet of a Foxy Brown track was leaked onto the internet. This track was called "Christmas Massacre." The reason for the title is because Foxy Brown's pr people originally said it would be released on Christmas day. Christmas day came and went and there was no song. Then around new years Foxy Brown's manager threatened to leak one of her other recent tracks, but it never surfaced. Of course Foxy Brown jumped to her twitter with excuses as to why there were no songs coming out.

Then this weekend the fans the Foxy Brown still have rushed to blog sites after they heard that a piece of the extremely late "Christmas Massacre" had surfaced. The problem with with it was for a preview it sucked. All Foxy did was attack Lil Kim for being on "Dancing With The Stars," which is old news.  That would have been bad enough for Foxy, except she had to make herself look worse. She jumped to her twitter again and announced that the full track would be dropping later that day. Just like her former promises for a song, nothing surfaced.

These repeated actions led me to this conclusion. Maybe retired divas need to stay retired. Don't get me wrong though. Foxy is not the only example for this. Remember Lil Kim's song Black Friday song that dissed Nicki Minaj? It was only relevant because it came out right after Lil Kim's Pink Friday album. However, it was nothing special.

Remember Faith Evans 2010 attempt to come back into the music industry. Faith Evans will forever be one of the best singers of the 90's. My favorite song of hers is "I Love You." However,  nothing she does now can top what she did then.

The best example I can think of is Whitney Houston. It feels like Whitney Houston just attempted to make a comeback two years ago. I admit I was moved by her 2009 music video "I Look To You." The song was classic, but when the videos of her singing live surfaced I was disappointed. Whitney just doesn't have the talent anymore.

Neither does Foxy Brown, Lil Kim, Faith Evans, and any other diva from back when that you can add to this list. They're classics that need to stay classic.

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