Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Can't Feel My Face, The Weeknd Is In Love Maybe

In some songs The Weeknd is in deep lust and in others he's met the woman of his dreams. At least that's what we think at first.

It's summer 2015 and artists are releasing good songs for us to vibe to. The Weeknd is one of those artists. Recently he dropped the music video for his song The Hills. The Hills is very sexual and reminiscent of the man who wants a woman around but doesn't want to fall in love with her. The song talks about having sex in the middle of the night or early in the morning (depending on your perception of 5 am).

However, this week he has dropped his new single Can't Feel My Face. Can't Feel My Face is a love ballad sort of. It's sounds as if it's all about two lovers who we'll never make it past the lust stage. They're feeling each other but he knows she's wrong for him. However, they continue because it feels good to be together. Y'all know exactly what he's talking about.

Well, maybe the Weeknd isn't in love. He's just very horny this summer. Listen to both songs below.