Friday, June 19, 2015

(Poem) Promises You Made

I was listening to K. Michelle's song Right One and started reminiscing on some things men said they would do but never did. I've had several men talk about taking me on dates, but at the end of those days they never planned anything. I could have planned something, but I wanted to see what they could do. See deep down I can be the best lover a man has ever had, but he also has to cater to my needs. Anyway, listening to that song inspired a brand new poem. 
K. Michelle knows how I feel. 

You had one job
 To impress me
But you couldn’t even get that right.
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snap Chat, or the good old Cellphone
There are a million ways we could’ve kept our communication going
Maybe I would’ve come off more flirtatious, a little more relaxed
But somewhere along the way you started a conversation and forgot how to continue responding back
A gentleman is what you claim to be
So I thought it was smart to hand you the control
You were supposed to decide where we were going
Dinner and a Movie, Picnic in the Park, a trip to the Museum, Art after Dark
There’s an unlimited amount of options
So I decided to wait very patiently
You asked me what I wanted and I told you upfront
I waited and waited long after you were gone
Got a little caught up in the fantasy of all the promises you made
Be there for me when I needed you?
Yeah you can do that
Make me feel like I’m special to you?
Yeah you can do that
Call me your boo?
There was never any chance of that because upon getting back to reality, I realized we never started a relationship.

 One day I'll write poems about love, but until then feel a little bit of the pain I've been through.