Tuesday, February 23, 2016

When The Writer & A Head Full of Blue Hair Meets

A head full of blue hair was once the dream, but now it's a reality. 

I watched the youtube video of Sadora Paris demonstrating her ombre blue crochet braids a million times. She held a couple of senegalese twists to the side of her head. She showed what they looked like before untwisting. She demonstrated cutting. She showed how the finishing look should be. I was in awe. The idea of having a head full of blue hair was just a dream, but her video was the start of making it a reality. 

Making a reality is what I started out doing. I ordered the brand she was wearing. While the hair in her video is short, or cut shorter, I saw each twist was a full 24 inches. While short hair is cute, long hair warms my heart. I was super excited and let my Facebook friends know.

Some of them might have thought my idea of blue hair is crazy, but they should be used to my plans by now. I've done almost everything I've set my mind to. One of the few things I haven't followed through with yet is moving out of Texas. Back to my hair...

I set an appointment for a Sunday and Sunday came. It took the stylist approximately 3 and a half hours. My appointment was for 12 pm. She was still working on another client's head. Because it was the salon in Walmart people came in asking about products, so she had to stop and help them. At 3 pm she finished, but I wanted the twists undone to look like Sadora's. In between that half hour she washed another client's head and stuck her under the dryer before finishing me. She moved pretty fast for all the activity that was going on. 

Of course when leaving I got a lot of stares, but I loved my hair. Later on that day I attempted to cut it some. That 24 inches is entirely too long. My hair still currently looks long and I'm in Blue hair heaven. Oh, and a little bit of purple heaven too. 

P.S. As you can see the hair doesn't exactly look like the youtube video. It looks and feels a lot thicker. 

My book, Woman Manifested, comes out March 1, 2016 It'll be available on Create Space, Amazon, and Kindle

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