Monday, April 25, 2016

Lil Kim and The Black Woman's Fight To Love Herself

How is a Black woman supposed to love herself when she's never felt loved? How is a celebrity supposed to love herself when she never felt loved and she's spent half her life in the spotlight?

Lil Kim is being talked about once again. A few weeks she uploaded a photo with a brand new lace front wig on. I think it was a wig anyway. Most of us ignored it because it was clear there was a filter and she was easily recognized. Well, that Lil Kim we've gotten used to over the past couple of years was easily recognizable. However, on a beautiful Sunday April 24th the Notorious KIM practically broke Instagram and Twitter with a new photo and video.

In this new photo she had the same lace front wig on. However, there was no filter and her skin tone was totally different. She didn't look Black in the photo. Nor did she look Asian. She looked like the regular White woman. Her White woman look was so perfect that many of us scrolled on past the video and photo because we simply did not recognize our beloved Kim.

Upon being recognized people stalked talking about her self hate and how Black men really did love her before all the changes. Sure Black men probably did, but Biggie Smalls offered Kim the perfect career and ideas on how to improve her (physical) image. After Biggie was gone, Kim's love for the image in the mirror never got better. Instead she started using plastic surgery to change into the woman she wanted to be.

This is what we're seeing now. So how does Lil Km start to love herself when she's never felt loved? Well, while many of us may miss the dark skinned queen bee who spit hard rhymes next to Biggie, or even miss the dark skinned queen bee with some plastic surgery that rapped about being able to make a sprite can disappear in her mouth, or even when her look when she danced with R. Kelly on the "Feeling On Your Booty" video, the Kim we're seeing now may just be the one that makes her happy.

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