Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Spill #WYAOApril

To spill is to cause something in liquid form to be wasted from a container and create a mess. I'm attempting that in literal form. 

I never thought it would be easy. Nope, I thought that it would be just as hard as any other task that I've attempted. 

For instance when I moved back into my parents house I found my bedroom closet overtaken with clothes that weren't mine. Other than my childhood drawer, I didn't have any room for the extra clothes, so I convinced myself that I could buy a pretty drawer from Walmart and put it together myself. Some girls let their dads do those kind of tasks, but my dad isn't the handyman type. I purchased the drawer, started putting it together, and then at some point I fucked up. I couldn't get a screw to fit and then the wood in that area decided to go straight to Hell. I imagined the task of publishing a book and then attempting to sale it would be something like that. 

I also imagined it would be way tougher than taking trips to Los Angeles or New York City and pretending like I wasn't scared. Those were easy. They involved spending money, not convincing people to pay me money for my God-given talent. They involved exploring new roads and buildings and places to eat at, not convincing people that they should buy a book.

Did I mention it's a book about relationships? It's mostly fiction tales that take on real life events that happen to us all. All of us women. It takes on relationships with the workplace, with family, with the loss of friendships, and romantic relationships. I should be absolutely positive that other women would want to read this, but an author once said most women only want to read relationship type books written by men. 

Even more getting people to read my writing has never been an easy task. I can blog all day, every day for the rest of my life pushing posts and hoping people will pay attention. But I can put up a new picture of myself on Facebook, ask for someone to judge it, and people will gladly directly (and sometimes indirectly) let me know how they feel. Last year someone indirectly stated that my hair was ugly in a picture all because I didn't utilize her services, but that same person hasn't had any type of opinion when it came to me becoming an author. 

These are thoughts that I shouldn't be putting out to the universe. Good salespeople only give you the positive sides of their business. They only tell you how great their product is and how you should give your money to them. Of course I know you should purchase Woman Manifested: A Poetic Tale, but it's been a little over a money since I put it on sale and I'm not afraid to say this shit is hard. 

This post is part of Twenties Unscripted Write Your Ass Off April writing challenge. 

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