Tuesday, May 17, 2016

At Some Point We All Join Snapchat

Before the year is out I'll be 30, so before then I have to keep up my youth.

All young people or at least bloggers passionate about writing are writing and publishing books these days, so I couldn't be the exception. You can find my book Woman Manifested on Amazon. Soon you'll also see videos of me sharing some personal information as I promote the book more. 

To help with book promotion I've decided to spice it up with more than just videos. I'll also be learning how to play the guitar and somehow using it to promote my poetry and storytelling. All young people keep up their youth by learning near tasks, so mines will be the guitar. Thanks to Guitar Center, I was able to get one on sale for a good price. 

Okay, I'm not just some poet or some writer sitting behind a computer screen. Like everyone else I have these dreams to branch out and be all over the place. According to a lot of companies that are teaming with bloggers, they expect us to be social media friendly since social media is how to market ourselves. I'm guessing this is because it gives us more outlets to market their products, events, or jus name in general while marketing ourselves. That means being on every social media site and that is also why I've finally joined snapchat. 

I don't quite know how to work it yet. Because of lack of space of the iPhone 6s I'm currently utilizing it via my LG4 and I'm not sure how to take a screen shot on that phone. However, before is a video of my first snapchat. I downloaded it and added it to Instagram.

P.S. If you want to follow me, my name on snapchat is lashuntrice.
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