Thursday, May 5, 2016

(Untitled) Something I Saw On Twitter

This is not going to be one of those long drawn out blog posts. I currently don't have deep thoughts to drag out. However, I do have a question. Maybe you can answer it. Maybe it is something you for you to think about.

There is this man I follow on Twitter. He's a couple of years older than me, but he's also much more intelligent than some of the men I regular see expressing their opinions. Anyway, every now and then he gets online and tweets a series of either thoughts or questions. Those thoughts range from $200 dates to whatever the latest trending topic is.

However, recently he hopped on and mentioned news of rapes surrounding his alma mater. He graduated from Morehouse and recently a Spelman student announced via Twitter that she was raped by some Morehouse students. You can read about it here. In mentioning the rape allegations, he talked about how he started conversations with different groups of men he's connected with online and offline. He didn't go into detail about what any of the men said, but for some reason he felt the need to apologize to all of the women following his page. Whatever these other men said shocked him.

Now there is not one woman that I know who would argue the fact that a good amount of men have negative thoughts toward us. Some of them believe that from the moment we're born, we are going to grow up to be hoes. Who knows when exactly that age hits that they see us this way, but they do. Some men will see their wife and mother as the only good women walking the earth.

However, there are men who don't think this way. They look for the good in every woman they come across, but they don't believe us women when we tell them some of our horrific experiences in dating.  They don't believe us when we tell them why we are still single, the lack of attention men gave after initially expressing interest, or the ones who only saw us as sex objects and got mad because we wouldn't have sex with them. They don't see any of it until they hear another man actually say it out loud.

So that brings me to wonder, do men have to hear other men speaking about us in the worst ways when it comes to situations such as rape to actually believe that it's bad out here for us women? Okay, this was longer than I intended to make it. I want your thoughts though.

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