Thursday, June 9, 2016

Check Out The EP "Evolve" by Abstract By Create

In a sea of artists using catchy beats to rhyme about they're cheating ways, it's always refreshing when an artist is talking about real one on one love. That real love vibe is what 19 year old singer Abstract By Create gives us on his song Affinity.

Affinity isn't just about finding love in one significant other though. His lyrics speak about how when one man doesn't respect his woman, another man can find the value in her. When one man makes that woman his past, another man can make her his future.

It essentially gives us women who have been hurt a chance to know there's still hope for love. Listen below.

Affinity is just one of the smooth soul touching songs off of Abstract By Create's album Evolve, which can be found on Soundcloud. On this album, he gives us a peak into the relationships that have formed his thought process on what love looks like. He also wrote his own music. Listen and let me know what you think. 

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