Friday, June 3, 2016

When Trying To Be Cheap Goes Right

If the internet has taught me anything, it's that you should never order cheap clothes online. Stick with Forever 21, Rainbow, and Wet Seal. Buying clothes from unknown stores on the internet usually leads to plastic clothes too sizes too small. Well, actually that's never happen to me but I won't either now that I'm aware.

Wait!!! If you can't order cheap clothes online, what can you order? Books are one item. Remember when we were kids and book prices started at $10 and the really good books were $15? Now think about how the price of living has gone up. For some reason the price of books haven't. In fact thanks to self publishing (that's what I did) the prices for really good reads are now $10 and under. Some authors are so desperate to get their books out, they are giving them away from free on Amazon. So you can get cheap books online now. Of course, you have to have a passion for reading to take advantage of this.

You can also order cheap music online. Who buys $9.99 and up C.D.s anymore from the stores when iTunes is readily available? Yeah, iTunes has spoiled most of us. My collections proves that I'm an addict.

With all of the internet usage for cheap items, there is something else important that I discovered can be purchased online. It's computer chargers. I have a Mac computer, which I love dearly, but I've never loved the charges. I'm going on four years with my Mac and I just purchased my third charger. The computer chargers aren't cheap. At Best Buy and Walmart the one for my computer is $79. However for this last charger I refused to pay that amount knowing it'll only last me a good year or so. So I went looking online and got lucky.

Yes, I purchased a Mac computer charger online, actually on eBay, and it worked out. Instead of $79, it was $30.

However, even though I went a cheaper route, it doesn't mean you should too. The results aren't the same for everyone.

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