Wednesday, July 20, 2016

I Wanna Fall In Love (Poem)

I Wanna Fall In Love 
By Lashuntrice

I wanna fall in love with him
His brown eyes
They shine bright from life’s pleasure and pain
I wanna know the thoughts in his mind
What troubles he’s been through
Past girlfriends, any stalkers
The kinds of friends he hangs with
Do they motivate him?
I want to know what success looks like for him
Because maybe that’s what we have in common
I wanna open up to him
Tell him obvious things about me
And let him in on secrets know one else know
I wanna combine my body with his
Admire his physique from head to toe
Feel on his perfect chest because clearly he works out
See what he feels like between my legs
I wanna go all the way with him
But I’m scared
Because you see game recognizes game

And I already know if I mess with him I will get played

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