Thursday, November 2, 2017

The Men That Proudly Confess Their Infidelities And The People Who Say Nothing

I've never wanted to be one of those paranoid women. I've never wanted to be one of those women that checks her man's call log, messages, social media accounts, and even knows his every move. Trust has been a very important factor when its come to meeting the man for me. However, being on social media makes it really hard for my mind not wander to those forbidden thoughts sometimes.

These Facebook groups and some of the people I've spoken with are why. There are people online putting there business out there about how much they love to sleep with people other than the person they promised to spend the rest of their lives with. There are friends confessing the messiness they've gotten themselves into. Of course if you've been following this blog, I've gotten myself into some drama too. However, this post isn't about my own person drama. It's about what I've witnessed. 

Well, in this Facebook group there are men proudly cheating on their wives. One particular guy has several kids with his wife. His personal page gives the impression that he's happily married with a beautiful family. However, in the group he's admitted to cheating and claims his wife doesn't know. Under one post he even confessed that he made one of his side chicks (I hate the saying side chicks) get an abortion. The abortion part bothered me more than the cheating because I've heard of the mental and physical affects it can have on a woman. 

Outside of Facebook, someone that I know told me about how she really connected with this man. They could talk for hours about anything. He understood her need for attention and how her past played into her feelings of being neglected. However, they couldn't be together as a couple. He already had girlfriend and he was very dependent on her. They lived together and the woman paid his bills. The only way the woman I know could be with him is if she took on the responsibilities of paying his bills. Very few of us want to feed grown mouths that we didn't take care of when they were wearing diapers, so that wasn't happening. She also recognized that she was a side chick in rotation of a number of women this guy was creeping with. His girlfriend knew he was cheating and was comfortable with it. However, it was a bad situation for any other woman that wanted him but didn't want to share. 

Then there are the women proudly arguing with side chicks. These women think they are special because they have the wedding ring or because they are the girlfriend. So they argue with side chicks online, have full telephone conversations with women their man is cheating on them with, and meet up for coffee with the women just to show them whose the boss of the house. 

I don't want to be one of those women though. I want to be that woman that trusts her man. I want to trust that I'm the only one he's thinking about, the only one he's sexing, the only one he's daydreaming about a future with. Of course if I were to find out he's cheating, I'd speak up to let him know that he's not the one for me. 

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