Sunday, August 30, 2009

School Lessons- TEXT MESSAGING

School has been in for a week and already I'm learning a lot. One of my recent lessons have been about texting messaging.

I have always thought of texting messaging as simply sending messages to people and receiving messages, but it is much more than that. Texting can be healthy.

Texting can help improve health in arguments. Here are a few examples how.

*Texting can help keep your blood pressure down. When two people argue face to face they tend to show and then their blood pressure goes up. Rising blood pressure is not a good thing.

*Texting can keep your fingers in shape. Yes, it's exercise. The more you text the more blood keeps flowing through your fingers and that is a good thing.

*Texting can prevent people from physically getting hurt. If two people get mad enough when they are arguing physical fights can break out or things can get thrown. When you text only the words can hurt.

So think about your health and text next time you feel like arguing with someone


  1. lol love it. textaholic til the buttons dont work! (seriously, my space button stopped working bc of my texting habits)