Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Energy Of A 5 Year Old

A couple of years ago my dad dropped my brothers off at my apartment when he was visiting Tallahassee. I didn't watch them long, but because my youngest brother was there it felt like forever. At the time he was 5 years old and he had the energy of a 5-year old. 

There were several times where I told him to sit down. Instead of sitting down, he increased his speed. He was worse than the energizer bunny. He was running so fast around the house that it was making my head spin. 
While he was annoying to watch, he had some things that are hard to get back once a person gets older. He had no worries. The older we get the more worries we seem to gain. He had one care and that was pleasing himself. The older we get the more it seems like the world does not revolve around us. Mostly importantly he had youthfulness. He was young and free to do whatever he pleased. No one would judge him because he was still a baby. 

At one point we are all seen in that light. We have no worries. We only care about pleasing ourselves. People don't judge us. They see us as free to do what we like because we are in our youthful years. I want that feeling back. However, I'm an adult now so all I can do is reminisce on how it used to be. 

Here's a quote from a blog I follow.
Trying to do your best when it's really hard to just keep up is exhausting.-- How I Live In Love

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