Wednesday, June 8, 2016

To The Men "Liking" Every Photo of A Woman Without Ever Saying A Word To Her

This is for the men that scroll through social media pages, follow women, and only click the like button on the women's selfies. They acknowledge nothing else except for that woman's appearance.

There are men out there, creepy men. They sit behind the computer desks, or with their phones in their hands scrolling through social media. Well, we all scroll through social media way too much, but they do it creepily.

They don't use their social medias openly creepily like traditional perverts that let you know they see every inch of your appealing figure. Nah! These new creepy men use the "like" button. They like every one of your pictures they see, but they don't like every single picture you post. They only click the like button on the pictures with your face or body in it. Nothing else you post matters.

You can put up posts saying you're suicidal, having car troubles, trying to upgrade your financial status, etc. and they won't acknowledge any of it. But they'll acknowledge that picture you post where your breasts are breathing in that cute shirt, the picture you posted of you smiling, and any other random selfie you decide to put up. If they don't notice it right away, they'll scroll past the 50 pictures you've posted in the past week just to like that selfie they missed.

I hate that shit.

Wait, nah. I'd like it if they were admiring physical appearances and had some good conversation to go with it. I'd like a little flirting every now and then. But the ninjas that do this mess never have anything to say. They're boring perverts. They're just plain boring perverts scrolling through social media for the wrong reasons. Or maybe it's the right reasons in their minds.

Seriously, I've actually messaged a few of them before. There were men I'd start conversations with on Facebook years ago because they loved that fucking poke button. I hated the poke button. What was the point of it? Does it still exist? I hope not. Anyway, I'd messaged them because they utilized that button so much, but then their conversations were dryer than New Mexico in the middle of the summer.

Now there's the like button. It's on every social media site/app. On Instagram it's shaped like a heart and people love to utilize it. Most of the time it's not a problem. We (people like me) want those likes, but I want conversation too. Maybe because it's other women, we understand each other without tons of conversation to go with it. But when it comes to these men, I'm at a loss. I see the likes on only the photos with me in them and I think, "Creepy."

But I guess I should be okay with this. There are men drooling over my photos and I don't wear a ton of makeup, do booty poses, pose naked, or kids other women for them to notice. But still, some interesting conversation every now and then would be nice, so y'all men wouldn't seem so weird.

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