Saturday, February 14, 2009

WHY??? (Valentines Question)

Valentines was today....the couples all snuggled up together inside the house or celebrated at a nice restaurant...or whatever they did they were not alone. They were together enjoying each others company.

On the other hand there were plenty of single women who were home alone. They did not get one single call from a man. What is up with this?

Throughout the year men seem to throw themselves at single women hoping for just a minute of a woman's company and it seems like if a man really wanted to impress a single woman the best time to do it would be on Valentines Day.

So, why would a man avoid calling a single woman on that day? Is there something scary about Valentines Day? One man told me that maybe it feels like he might be getting into a committed relationship if he acknowledges that holiday by calling a woman. Is that it? Then why spend the rest of the year trying to get with a woman?

Is it that the men that do the chasing all year long and avoid this holiday not really want a relationship? Do they just want a woman for "SEX" and not want to fall in love with her? Is that man trying to be a friend with benefits/fuck friend/sex buddy/splackavellie (throwback)?

Splackavellie- he aint your husband, he aint your boyfriend, just a fine brother you can call when times are crazy

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