Friday, February 6, 2009

THE NEW SINGLE MOM (the more babies the merrier)

Earlier this week a mom, Nadya Suleman,33, gave birth to octuplets. Now she has 14 kids all under eight years old, but get this. This woman is not married. She does not have a man in her life. She is (as her mom says) obsessed with having children. She has conceived all of her children through in vitro fertilization. Suleman's mom says she always wanted to have children since she was a teenager and her mom was happy when she couldn't have children the normal way. Her mom says she has always been an advocate of marriage and then family, but Suleman did not want a husband. All Suleman wanted were kids. Suleman's mom says she is frustrated with all the children her daughter has and when Suleman gets home from the hospital her mom is moving out of the house. Oh yes, she couldn't take care of the kids she had by herself. Her mom was helping her and after being reviewed by a psychologist....the psychologist says Suleman is glowing with happiness. She doesn't seem to be comprehending what it is like to take care of eight children of the same age.

Wait, whatever happened to the single mom struggling to feed her three children? Whatever happened to the dreams of two parents, 3 children, and a white picket fence? Did this woman just kill that? this woman has 14 young children, eight of them newborns. Is she the new age mom?

As we all know, when one person does something and seems to be happy with that decision it starts to become popular.

Anglelina Jolie started adopting children of different nationalities and then other stars seemed to start having baby cravings and looking into adoption.

Criss Cross wore their clothes the wrong way and others started doing it.

Flava Flav decided to look for love on television and now everyone is trying to find love on television.

This woman has 14 children and no husband/boyfriend. She loves children and proud of what she has accomplished. Unless she adopts she won't have anymore children, but only because she's used all of her eggs. Not to mention she's getting all of these free gifts from different baby companies and the more children a person has the more government assistance they get. So she is telling the outside world that she is living the "LIFE" and could not be happier. She is showing the world that she is the image of "THE NEW SINGLE MOM."

So, if she's the new single mom what's next?
Are we going to see pregnant women all over the country in the next few months saying they are having six or 9 children (all at once) and they don't need a man because they just love babies so much? It could happen...

And then have some more without a husband/boyfriend...

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