Wednesday, January 28, 2009


So yesterday was the premiere of Baldwin Hills one knows this but Justin from Baldwin Hills used to be my secret lover..

For Real...He and I used to be together in my imagination. We'd take trips to the movies together and have candlelit dinners afterward. Then we'd do those things that I cannot speak of because this is just too public, LOL.

But I slowly but surely forgot about him for a minute until last night. I saw Justin on the screen and screamed. He is such a sexy man. Just watching him made my blood boil and my heart beat perfectly.

Ok, ok...let me stop and get to the point.

I wasn't sure what to expect from this third season of Baldwin Hills, but after last night I'm ready to watch every show that follows. It was that good. The show was filled with drama yet you could tell that every person had heart.

First off Stacey was probably the person featured least on the show, but her brief appearances still connected to the audience like no one else could. Stacey's situation was a situation that any mother or any woman wanting a kid could feel. No one dreams of losing child whether they are expecting the child or the child is already on this earth. I just hope that Stacey recovers from the pain she is feeling and it makes her a stronger person. seems she has been up and down and all around emotionally thinking and talking about Moriah and she might actually be getting over him this season. But I think she was right for reacting the way she did to Tyler. No woman wants to see her friend go out with her ex or even a guy that she just had a crush on.

Justin...well there's so much I could say about Justin...but all my hands will bring me to type is HE'S

Seiko...seems to be a fun girl and a great friend. Her relationships with Justin and Stacey reveal that.

Moriah... is Moriah, lol. Taht's all I can say. Okay, there's more. I would say he's wrong for going after his ex's friend but then again I know a lot of men that have done that. They really don't care. Other than that he's cool.

Tyler...she's new to the show but she really need to listen to everyone around her and learn FOM (Friends Over Men).

Trason..he's new to show too so I don't have much to say about him, except HE'S FINE!!! lol.

Etienne...she's new too and honestly I don't remember her. I'll have to watch last night's episodes again for her.

Aunjel...seems cool. She's still showing that she has her sister's back and because of that I can tell she is a great friend to her friends.

Aysia...well she must be a great person if Justin is feeling her.

Kenny is a go-getter. That party is a great example of how. His momma does not play either. I like her. She reminds me of my momma, although my momma would've killed me, no joke.

Tyrin...I don't remember Tyrin last night either which probably means I have to watch those episodes over again..

Overrall, I'm excited about this season of Baldwin Hills. I'm ready to see the familiar faces and get acquainted with the new faces.

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