Monday, January 26, 2009

eHarmony Is Losing Money...

Okay...I'm not sure if eHarmony is losing money but
more and more people are ditching eHarmony and other websites to look for love on television...)

It all started with Flava first mention of Flavor of Love, I was like who the hell would want him...but just as I spoke over a 100 women auditioned to win his love.. That really confused me.

I mean, did these women not know about eHarmony or the other hookup relationship websites? If they needed somewhere free to meet somewhere did these women not know about facebook, myspace, blackplanet, etc...

Also, I've had dating problems, but it wasn't until the third season of Flavor of Love that I realized DAMN....the dating game must really be hard for females. For three whole seasons beautiful women chased after this ugly ass man that in the end did not even get in (or stay in) a relationship with any of them.

Flavor of Love was just one show but there were plenty to follow... Next came I Love New York and then Rock of Love in which Brett Michaels is in his third season of women trying win over his heart. Next of course I have to mention the show I Love Money where contestants from all the different dating shows decided to spark up romances with each other.

If I Love Money has not been enough the reunion show of Real Chance of Love was tonight. At this moment in time Real and Cornfed's relationship seems like it might work out. Ok, now that I have brought up this show there was one woman who was myspace stalking. But that method of getting love did not work for her.

(Just to remind everyone before eHarmony people actually met and dated in person. It was not all about "computer love" or competing for someone's love on television. At one point in time men were complete gentlemen and they were the one's trying to win the woman's love or they were sloppy drunk at the club trying to get the girl. Either way this did not happen on the internet or the television)

Now, after all I have mentioned it gets worst... Now in a week Ray J will have his own show called For The Love of Ray J. Yes, I said it. Ray J, who has been involved with Kim Kardasian, Whitney Houston, and Karine Steffans (Superhead) is now looking for love on television...

Someone check for me and see if people are still using eHarmony or at least still hooking up after getting sloppy drunk at the club...

Well, since I already mentioned it...(FREE ADVERTISEMENT) check out FOR THE LOVE OF RAY J on Feb 2 on VH1..

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