Monday, January 26, 2009


When A Woman's Fed Up...
Apparently she doesn't leave her man anymore. Instead
she goes on a television show called "The Tool Academy."

For Real, this show started coming on two weeks ago. These men are so bad that there women call them "Tools."
(I'm still not sure exactly what a tool is (as in how they are using it) but I'm pretty sure it's a girls worst nightmare..)

These men were so used to mistreating their girlfriends that the women had to lie to them to get the men to come onto the show. Apparently, on this show the judge is a counselor. She's trying to help these couples repair their relationships, but she's the most pathetic excuse of a counselor I've ever seen. Ok, she does sit them down in one on one sessions, but it's a competition so most of these men seem more concerned about not getting kicked off the show than actually repairing what they have messed up with their women.

What happened to the real counselors who sat couples down during one on one time and really talked them through their issues? Better yet, what happened to the women that walked away when they were finally fed up?

I would just write this show off as entertainment, but this is a reality show and I have friends that have said that they know men and women who act just like "tools."

Men, if you don't act like a "tool" and treat your woman right keep doing that. Women, if your man does act like a tool do what a fed up woman is supposed to do and LEAVE.

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